How to register in Hamburg

When it comes to paperwork, Germany is the capital country of bureaucracy: Learn here how to register Hamburg as your place of residence!
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In the following we will untangle some red tape to help you learn managing German bureaucracy like a pro: This article will explain the process of the first administrative steps to really call Hamburg your new home: The registration of residence, which is necessary for example to open a German bank account or get health insurance.

Step 1: Where do I need to register?

Book a registration appointment at one of the local customer service centers.

To register at your new address, it is mandatory to schedule a personal appointment online in one of Hamburg’s many customer service centers. A detailed guide in English on how to book the appointment can be found on Hamburg’s city website:

You should book the appointment within two weeks after moving into your new home to avoid getting a fine for late registration.

In Hamburg the local customer service centers are in charge of matters like the registration of your new address or changing residence. A registration needs to be done, if you will be staying in Hamburg for more than three months, when moving from a foreign country. And, if you are moving to Hamburg from another city in Germany, a registration is necessary for a stay over six months.

As a big plus it is possible to get an appointment in any of the service centers around the city in a convenient location for you. Closest to HVNS is “Kundenzentrum Altona at Ottenser Marktplatz 10”, which is only about two kilometers from your apartment!

Step 2: What forms do I need to fill out?

Specific forms and documents are required to complete the registration.

Once you have scheduled an appointment with your preferred service center, make sure you have the required documents ready and signed.

Download and fill the registration form “Meldebescheinigung” and bring your landlords confirmation of residence (“Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”). Both forms can be found on Hamburgs city website:

Good to know: You will receive the “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung” from our HVNS Host to your move-in appointment at HVNS.

Further documents are required by married couples and holders of an electronic residence permit (eAT). Here it will be necessary to change the address on you permit as well. If you are looking to bring your car with you to Hamburg the address needs to be changed at the “Landesbetrieb Verkehr”.

Image Source: Leonie Dewiwje on Unsplash

Step 3: Complete the registration during the appointment

To complete the registration, bring all forms to your scheduled appointment. Also have an identification document like your passport or ID card ready to show. The administration cost for a registration is 12€.

Once the appointment is successfully completed you are ready to go explore Hamburg as your official new place of residence. Now you are able to open up a German bank account or get a German phone number.

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